July 22, 2024

Excited For You Guys To Be The First To Hear The Acoustic Version of Ashley Brinton’s “Slow Down” 

Hey Ashley, Its great seeing you again! I’m excited to have you back for a second interview. Can you tell us what you’ve been working on?

It’s so nice to see you again as well! I have been working on so much. As you know, I just released my new single and video for Slow Down so I have been working on choreography and that video. I also have been working on my EP, which I’m very excited to release and prepping for some live performances!

What was it like making the new EP?

Being in the studio is my favorite thing to do, so being able to work on this EP has been such an amazing experience. I just have so much fun collaborating, writing, and being in the studio. I’m very excited for everyone to hear it.

Would you say this EP will be your biggest accomplishment in your music career so far?

The EP is definitely one of my biggest accomplishments so far, but I also feel so lucky that I’ve still been able to keep doing what I love and am truly happy doing it.

Did you have any moments while creating the EP that stood out to you?

I loved every minute about creating the EP, but the moments that really stand out for me is when I can just collaborate with my team and we all work together to make changes, whether its to the lyrics or to the actual music. I love learning about the recording process and I love being involved in every aspect of it.

Did any artist’s style influence you on this project?

I definitely have a group of artists I always look to for inspiration. My go to’s are Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. They definitely influence my music in a lot of ways.

Can you spill any details about the new EP – Title of EP? How many songs? Etc.

I do want to save some surprises for when the EP is released, but I will say that it consists of six songs and all of them are upbeat, feel-good music. I really want everyone to feel happy and inspired when they hear it.

Would you say this EP is the same style as your old music?

I definitely think that I have my own style that I have continued to stay true to, but I always like to keep things exciting and change things up so I wouldn’t say that any of my music is specifically similar, but they all stay in the realm of pop music.

Do any of the songs off the EP come from personal experience?

Yes! All of my songs on the EP come from personal experiences. I think its so important for people to be able to relate to similar experience. I always want to be relatable to my listeners so I really put it all out there.

What has it been like working with Cory Rooney?

Working with Cory is amazing. He is the most talented person I’ve ever met. He has so much experience and wisdom. I feel so lucky to be able to learn from him!

Do you have a favorite song on the EP yet?

That’s a tough question! Each song has something that I love about them, whether its lyrically or musically. They really all hold a special place in my heart, especially since it is my first EP. I don’t think I can choose!

You have released a few new songs, “All I Need” & “I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love”, and “Slow Down.” Can you tell me about how these songs came about?

“All I Need” was inspired by my family. I felt so lucky that they were letting me pursue my passion of music. The song came about really naturally. “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” was inspired by a boy and a girlfriend, and the best friend of the girlfriend. The boy is a real player who cheats on his girlfriend with her best friend, but the girl really wants to fight for their love anyway. I’ve seen the situation happen first hand, and I see it all the time, so I wanted to let anyone going through it know that they are not alone. “Slow Down” is my girl power anthem! I hate seeing guys walk all over my friends, and one night I was in the studio and it just came to me!

Can you tell me about the music videos for these songs?

All the music videos are so different, but such amazing and unique experience in their own way. I would say the video for “Slow Down” is the most different from the other two because there is choreography, which I have never done before. I love to try new things, so that was really exciting.

Any details on when this project will be released?

The EP will be out later this year!

Are you planning to go on tour to promote this EP?

We definitely have some exciting plans to promote the EP coming up. Stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview 🙂

Thank you so much for having me!