April 19, 2024

So Asher, what inspired you to try music?

I guess music found me at an early age. I have been singing professionally since I was a little kid. I got a lucky break landing a principal role in a Broadway show as early as 6 years old and continued singing ever since. Only later on in my life did I decide to take it more seriously by writing and producing my own material.

What was it like being a part of V Factory?

V Factory was a great experience. It was my first introduction to being signed to a major label and world touring as a band. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. I learned so much and will never forget it .

What would you say was your favorite moment while in the band?

Touring was my favorite part. Waking up every morning in a new city, and performing alongside some pretty established artist at the time like Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson, Flo-rida and many others.

What was the transition like going from being in a band to going solo?

There is a big difference from being in a band to going solo. You no longer have the support of 4 guys standing behind you mirroring your every move (lol) and the spotlight turns directly on you. I like it though, I was born for the stage and I don’t mind all eyes on me. It’s also a different feeling performing someone else’s song vs. a song I wrote all myself. There is more fulfillment doing it yourself. I don’t regret it though. Everything in life teaches and shapes you into the person you’ve become now. Life is about evolving and changing for better.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

The five words I would describe myself would be, honest, sincere, charismatic, heartfelt, and funny.

How would you describe your musical style?

My musical style is still evolving but currently I would say it’s pop, R&B, soul, with a little taste of funk /country.

What artists do you look up to right now?

I look up to Elton John, Bono, and Sting.

You just recently released your debut solo album Inner Warrior. How did this album come about and what was it like creating the album?

This album is the last few years of my blood sweat and tears. I poured my heart and soul into it. It’s definitely the evolution of me as an artist. I always wanted to put out a body of work with my complete imprint on it. I wanted the songs to come from me directly in terms of lyrics, melody, and sound. I finally had enough songs in my library where I could put it together into one cohesive piece. I had a lot of fun creating this album. Each song tells a different story of where I was in my life but with one thing in common, love. This album is the story of true love. Love is not an easy game, it’s a roller coaster, but if the person is worth the wait and worth fighting for, it’s all worth it in the end. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Any memorable moments while creating this album?

I had a funny moment in the studio one night while recording “Queen of Hearts.” I had another producer with me and my engineer tracking me while I was in the vocal booth, I still have a take of it somewhere. Most nights when I record I like to light a lot of candles, this night in particular it was a huge candle sitting on top of the piano. When I say huge, I’m not talking your regular run of mill, it the biggest candle I had ever seen, lol. Long story short, I’m singing this high note and all of a sudden you hear, “Oh shit, the piano.” A huge crash goes off and this huge candle that has been sitting for hours burst open. It looked like a mini volcano of lava wax pouring onto the keys. Looking back, it was funny because it was all caught on audio. It was quite the laugh. There have been a lot of memorable moments in the studio, I would need a lot more space to write to fill them all in.

Are you planning to go on tour to promote your new songs?

Yes, I am planning on going on a tour to promote the new album. Right now, I’m doing spot dates around the country. I have a show in L.A. and New York. Lots more to come before announcing official dates of major tour.

What’s your favorite song to perform live?

My favorite song to perform live is “Hurricane.”

How do you prepare for a live performance?

I prepare for a show by drinking throat coat tea, throat lozenges, a quick prayer and some push-ups.

Have you had a performance that has stood out to you above all others?

Playing in the Philippines in front of 20,000 people was quite the show, I’ll never forget that.

What’s the feeling you get when performing live in front of your supporters?

An amazingly intense rush/high. There is no feeling like it in the world.

Does your fan base have a name?

Some of my fans like to be called Monroses or Monbros, lol.

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

I would like my relationship with my fans to be intimate, truthful, and transparent. I want them to feel my emotions through my songs.

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

One fan got a tattoo of my logo on their body! I’ll never get used to seeing that.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

I mostly use Instagram.

What’s an average day for you look like?

Waking up at 7:30 a.m., eating a hearty breakfast, working on design or construction at my home, working out for an hour and a half at the gym, playing with my new monkey I just adopted, practicing piano for an hour, and writing lyrics. I have become a workaholic, I never sit still. I’m always on the go working on multiple different projects. Keeping a busy schedule keeps me out of trouble.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like hiking, water sports, working out, basketball, any physical activity. I like going to concerts, music festivals etc.

What’s the best thing that’s come out of this career so far?

The best thing from this career choice is that I am a free artist that can write and express myself anyway I please. There are no limitations in the studio and i can experiment and create every day, all day. There’s satisfaction in creating something from nothing. One minute you have a blank page, the next you have a song playing for the world to hear.

What’s your biggest struggle in this career so far?

Haha. The biggest struggle is working with piranhas, small minded individuals that only want to take. I call it the “over promise, under deliver.” Many people that claim to know it all in the business, won’t have any problem taking your dollar and the next thing you know they pull some lame excuse out of there ass saying they would of, could of, should of. Seen it way too many times. It’s like going from the actors chair, who don’t have to worry about anything but knowing their lines, to the director chair worrying about every detail. It’s a different ball game. I used to be on one side of the camera, but now with running my own label and wearing so many hats I can say I see the dirty game behind the curtains. No one likes to sugar coat. I’m in a different place in my life where I would rather advise a young, upcoming artist of all they have to give up before they jump into the saddle too quick. The only reason I’m still in it is for my love of music, that’s it.

If your life was a movie, what would be the title?

If my life was a movie the title would be “Catch 22.” For everything you want in life, you have to sacrifice something in return. Life is what you make of it. Instead of trying to always water the grass on someone else’s yard I’m trying to keep mine extra green!

Who would you want to play?

Every role but in different disguises.

What impact do you want to have on the music world?

I want to be an example, I don’t want to look and sound just like everybody else. I stopped listening to mainstream radio about a year ago. Of course music still plays in different places I visit, but I don’t chase the trends of what’s happening currently. I want to stand out, I want people to feel something when they hear my music. When is the last time you got chills listening to a song on the radio? I can’t remember. It’s the same with movies. Lately, 9 out of 10 movies capture an emotion. People have stopped storytelling, and I feel like our culture has lost its imagination. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few gems still left, but not many. People aren’t taking enough risks. I always remind myself “no risk no reward.” Music is always changing, so lead with your best foot forward and don’t listen to negative people. I want to be a positive role model and share my God given talent with the world. I have so much more to give, and I can’t wait to keep sharing.

What goals have you set out for yourself in your career and in your personal life?

I’ve reached a lot of my goals. Starring on Broadway was one, getting a lead role in a major motion picture was two, starting my own label owning my music and putting out a full length solo album I wrote and produced would make three. I’ve traveled almost the entire globe, been to all 50 states in America. I live in Malibu, California, I have a beautiful wife that I love and adore. I own seven dogs, one cat, and recently adopted a monkey. I designed and built my first home. I could say my life is in a great place and I’m truly happy and thankful for all of God’s blessings. For the future, I would love to take on more directing, put out another album, tour internationally again, win a Grammy, and be known for helping others in need. We live in a dark world and sometimes we can become too self invested. All of the accolades aside, life isn’t about me, me, me, it’s about helping other people in times of need, sharing what we have with others less unfortunate. Love is the answer to all our problems. That’s why my next project is called, “Book of Love,” stay tuned.

How has this whole music career experience been?

Music has played a pivotal part into my entire existence. I would not be in the same place i am today if it wasn’t for music. The word “career” usually extends to someone’s lifetime achievement. I still haven’t hit 30 and there is still so much more I want to achieve before I can look back on a long illustrious career. I’m currently just doing what I love and that’s making music, making music that can make people feel good. I want to spark an emotion whether it be happy, mad, or sad, it’s better than being emotionless. Life is about feeling and going through the emotion. I love the ability to share what I am working on for the masses to hear.

You also act, what made you decide to try acting?

Acting has always been a side venture for me. It’s never been my main focus but somehow keeps coming back in my life, lol. I do enjoy playing roles and working on sets. There is something magical about acting, free flowing, and interchanging. Acting lets you step into different worlds. I love acting now thinking about it, but at times it becomes slightly overbearing to focus on so many things at one time and expect to be excellent at everything. I’ve learned that in life it’s okay to be good at many things, but eventually you should choose to be great at one thing. Not saying you can’t experiment or try new things, because that’s what allows us to break past our boundaries, but once you find some gift or talent that you know you can excel in, ride that mother f*cker full blast! Pardon my French. My publicist might bleep that one out. At the end of the day everyone wants to be admired or remembered for something. There are 6 billion people in the world. If you want to blend in go right ahead, but if you want to stand out you gotta work extra hard.

Whats been your favorite acting job? Why?

My favorite acting job was probably my first job I was ever hired for, to play Chip in the national Broadway tour of Beauty and the Beast. The day I beat 150 kids on an open audition missing two teeth in front of the head of Disney and went on tour for the next three years, becoming the longest running Chip still to date. That would have to be the day that changed my life forever. It taught me work ethic at an early age. I was always around adults as a kid – I grew up fast. It gave me the tools I needed to succeed in this business and toughen up my skin. It probably gave me the heart and desire to still do what I’m doing today minus all the BS behind the scenes that has come with it. I don’t mean to sound so cynical, I just always remember putting a smile on my face when people asked me about my thoughts on the industry – but what purpose does that serve? Same way I hate seeing actors on live television be so politically correct. In this day and age when you have someone like Trump as your president, it’s better to be truthful and honest with your feelings. That’s why social media plays such an important role in human society. We have a voice to stand for something. Playing it safe doesn’t get you far in life.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

My advice for anyone who wants to get in the business, get out! Lol just kidding. No, if it truly is a passion and you’re willing to risk it all and work your ass off to see the results and don’t mind being criticized, chastised, and turned down hundreds of times because your hair is 1 shade lighter or darker, or your muscles aren’t big enough, or if there are 300 other people waiting in line who look, act, and talk just like you who are willing to push you off a mountain for the same role, only then would I say go for it. I hope you can read through sense of humor. That’s why I would recommend music over acting. Music you can tell any story with lyrics or anything your imagination or heart can think of, you can write down into a story. I would advise artists not to sell themselves too short. You have to be your biggest fan because you are the driving force. If you believe it, you and only you can achieve it with hard work and persistence.

Do you have any last things you went to tell your supporters?

I love all my supporters. I love performing on stage seeing the wide range of ethnicity, ages and genders that come to my shows. Please follow me on all my social media platforms and come see me live on my next show.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview 🙂

Thank you.

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Photo Credit: Steven Gomillion