June 17, 2024

Firstly, thanks so much for having me! Really appreciate you and the Teen Music Insider team checking out the song and supporting the music.  🙂  

You’re so welcome! We are so excited to hear about all your new projects!!

You recently have been working on your new album. Can you spill any details about it? – Title of the album? How many songs? Etc.

So it’ll actually be my debut EP (Extended Play) which will consist of about 6 songs – all of which I’m so so excited about.  At the moment it’s untitled as we’re finalizing some working names 🙂 My favorite part about the EP is that it truly has a song for each side of my artistry and writing.  It’s got some really fun songs, as well as some more stripped + vocal heavy songs, and of course lots of attitude throughout. 

The reoccurring theme of the EP revolves around turning the darkness we may experience into light, and celebrating those moments (good and bad).  The issues shed light on my experiences with everything from mental health, to relationships, to learning how to love myself & being ok with not having control over the craziness that life sometimes serves.  All bundled up in different styles. 

Expect it sometime in The Fall! 

What is it like making the EP?

Making the EP was a really special and equally challenging process.  Largely because for a while I didn’t realize it was going to be the first EP.  I spent the last year and a half really trying to find a way to present my songs as best as possible.  My influences span hugely. Everything from Aretha Franklin & Lauryn Hill, to the lyricism of Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley.  Trying to figure out how to fuse those into one consistent sound that is authentic to my artistry was and will continue to be a journey. I was in sessions about 4-6 times a week working with new writers and producers every day.  I’m especially grateful for this part of the process, as it allowed me to identify what really felt sincere to who I am as an artist vs. just creating a solid song.  During these sessions I wasn’t intending to chase a sound or put together a compilation of songs, rather I made hundreds of songs and really handpicked the ones that felt the most like me, and what I wanted to say as a writer. Lastly, it was really amazing to create this EP with some of my best friends.  Emily Kocontes – an unbelievably talented songwriter and friend – ended up working with me consistently on a few of the songs.  It’s always really cool to create music with the people you love and respect. 

Would you say this EP will be your biggest accomplishment in your music career so far? 

I’d say defining a sound for my artistry with this debut EP will be one of the biggest accomplishments for sure.  I have big plans for the rest of the music and already have quite a few new songs I’ve fallen in love with and hope that others are moved by too.  I’m so proud of this EP and so excited to share it with you.  

Have you had any moments while creating the EP that stood out to you?

Oh man, so many! Creating music is so emotional – it’s crazy.  When I started compiling the songs and realizing which ones really we’re going to make the cut – I felt really proud.  They all sound like they’re apart of the same foundation, but they each offer different parts of my music, which has always been my goal. Another moment that stands out is when we had the amazing rapper MuGz come lay down a verse for one of the songs, “Please, Enjoy the Show”.  He absolutely killed it and brought the song to a whole other level, and seeing that collaboration come to life in the studio was really special.  Also, the producer, Zack Djurich, is incredibly talented and someone I’m so grateful to be working with because he understands the chaos of my musical mind.  It was a really cool moment to bring him the song as I had written it on keys, spew out a hybrid of influences that sound crazy, and then watch him work magic and bring it to life.  

Did any artists style influence you on this EP? 

Too many, haha! Not one in particular, but I love the boldness of Lizzo and her message of positivity is always something I’ve admired and had consistently tried to embody in my own music.  There’s always an appreciation for the Adele-like songs that simultaneously empower and crush you because they hit home with our hearts.  The key for me was balancing those influential flavors. 

Can we expect any collabs on this EP?

Absolutely.  I had the privilege of bringing on the very talented rapper MuGz for one of the songs, “Please, Enjoy the Show”.  He absolutely slayed it and it’s now one of my favorites for sure. 

Would you say this EP is the same style as your old music?

Yeah! “I Choose Me” in particular is a great example of the in-between.  The EP has some of those more organic elements to it, as well as some pop based production and melody.  It’s ultimately really fun and has a really great balance of what I call “pop bops” and then the more R&B influenced songs alongside the stripped vocal ballad.  

Do any of the songs off of the EP come from personal experience?

Every single one.  Two of the songs are just songs I had written alone that I felt really strongly about and they address mental health and my experiences with things like depression, as well as figuring out who I am in the era of social media and being another 20 something early in her career.  The songs bring these experiences to light in a lot of different ways, but each one is personal and authentic to my experiences. 

Do you have a favorite song on the EP? 

Ah, that’s so hard to choose! I definitely have two or three that are my top favorites, but I truly love them all.  

Any details on when this project will be released? 

Sometime in the Fall of 2019! Not too late 🙂 

You are getting ready to put out the first single of the upcoming EP, can you tell us the meaning behind “At My Worst”? & how it came about?

Too often,  we allow our flaws and vulnerabilities to justify settling for less or expecting less from others.  One day, I was inspired to write something for myself and others on the days when we’re tired of compromising and meeting other people’s standards, just because we’ve believed for so long that we’re unworthy of more.  I had a moment of realizing, “Wtf! The reason this person is ‘drawn’ to me is because of the chaos inside of me that allows for those beautiful parts to exist!” I hope this song enables everybody to be their boldest selves and celebrate their quirks or imperfections as the tools that allow us to be stronger, better and so much more.  Most importantly, I hope the song inspires people to grab a friend or drink (or both!), and yell “Want me at my best? Then take me At My Worst” and vow to never settle for less, and to celebrate their “crazy” or “weird” sides. 
Take A Listen To “At My Worst” Now

Are you planning to go on tour to promote this EP?

Yes! One of the things I’m most excited about is performing consistently.  I love connecting with listeners in a live setting where the music can truly be felt differently.  I’m currently looking at a West Coast tour throughout cities like Seattle, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and of course Los Angeles. 

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Thank you first and foremost always for listening to the music.  Creating and releasing music is really so scary at times, and to know that it’s being heard and has moved someone emotionally is the most gratifying experience.  I hope that you find your favorite song of the bunch, and once you do let me know!