May 29, 2024

I recently got the chance to talk with Alexander Panetta, who is apart of MiniPopKids. MiniPopKids is the big thing in Canada for kids these days – its just like Kidz Bop in America. Alexander told us how he first started off dancing in the group and then he got asked to rap for the group. Now he is currently touring with MiniPopKids on their tour!

All though Alexander loves rapping his main focus is dancing. He told us he has danced for as long as he can remember and practices his dance moves daily. Because dancing is his passion , when he saw the Purpose tour audition he decided to try out to dance with Justin Bieber at his Toronto Purpose Tour stop. He tried out the last day & found out soon after he was chosen to dance with Justin! To hear all about what Alexander had to say about dancing with Justin and touring with MiniPopKids, watch the full interview!!


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