June 19, 2024
Photo Credit – Aubrey Cohorst – Instagram: @momma.a.official

So Ainsley, you started your acting career at a young age, what inspired you to begin acting?

Ever since I was young I loved to reenact skits from the movies and shows I loved… I’d be acting the scenes to myself in my bedroom, and dressing up like the protagonists in the films I’d watch. What really inspired me, was the films and shows I watched growing up. Many such as: Pocahontas, Narnia, A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, Wizards of Waverly place, Van Helsing, and Underworld, as well as the beautiful classics Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, Roman Holiday, and My Fair Lady. I found so much inspiration watching these films and they also gave me a realization that I want to convey to the world… the feelings that these movies made me feel was empowering and endearing … and now I am so lucky to be able to share that with others.

What was your favorite role to play and why?

I love each and every role I play! One of the reasons being, is because each and every character is so different. That’s the beauty of acting☺ However, I love playing my character “Ophelia” in the Seven Lions Continuance Series I have been working on… that is probably one of my favorite roles I’ve ever gotten to play. Playing my character of Ophelia is meaningful because she is strong, brave, and a true warrior at heart. She rose from the ashes of her past and situation, showing that everyone has the strength if they dig deep enough! Plus the wardrobe for my character of Ophelia is fun, creative, and very medieval. Another thing I love about playing this character is that it allows me to take my acting to whole new levels. I just worked on an Underwater shoot for 12 hrs. straight acting underwater entirely for Seven Lions song Ocean. It is the coolest thing ever, because it’s a challenge, but the product is so worth it! The entire cast and crew from Ocean were amazing and that makes any project that much better.

What actor/actress are you influenced by?

Ryan Reynolds, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Audrey Hepburn, and Hugh Jackman have all influenced my life greatly. There are so many more…!

You just finished filming a music continuance series, Seven Lions. Can you tell us about this new project of yours?

Yes, I’m blessed to play the character “Ophelia” We just did an Underwater shoot from 6pm to 6am in the morning. It was one of the coolest acting experiences I have ever endured! The makeup artist Mayra Godoy – (Instagram: @makeuphair_mayra) applied special waterproof makeup, and waterproof hair products. My wardrobe was designed by Nadine Sondej Robinson (Instagram: @Nadinesondej ) – a cloak like costuming with boots worn in the water, all while remembering what to look at while under water, where my marks were, and I had to hold my breath, open my eyes and listen for the extremely talented director Powell Robinson’s ( Instagram: @powell_robinson )  ques and directions through a speaker that had been installed under the water etc. It was so much fun! To see what comes next you’ll have to stay tuned!!

You also started your singing career at a young age, what inspired you to start singing?

I had a song in my heart ever since I was little.. I would literally sing about anything…. However, I was directing my music towards being a writer in the overall scheme of things… So, I created a demo track and an EPK just to showcase my writing ability. Well my demo got released on i-tunes and leaked and I started getting performance requests… So my family/people/fans/and supporters inspired me to have fun, and share the message that was in my heart, through my vocals, lyrics and performances.

Did you want to be an actor and singer when you were little, or did that develop later on?

I’ve always loved doing those things, but it wasn’t until I was 11 that I truly realized that I wanted to do it and pursue it as my career. The singing developed when I was 13/14 when my demo got released by accident.

How would you describe your musical style?

I trademarked my own genre called “Pop Positive” The reason is because I believe in a positive message in every song I write and perform!

Are there any artists you look up to right now?

Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and Metallica

You have impressively written around 80 original songs. What is the process for you to write one of your original songs?

The process and methods are different for everyone, but I usually write my chorus’s first.. Then, I build my verses, and the bridge based  off of the meaning and tune of the chorus. I can only play basic guitar as of currently, however I don’t know how to describe it fully. When I’m writing a song, I hear the melody and instruments that are supposed to be in the final product, I just know what’s supposed to be where I guess. What I love most about music and acting is that it is a Universal language.. meaning that no matter what language you speak, or where you’re from you can always feel the emotions of love, pain, and happiness, in a song or film based on the delivery.

Can we expect any new music soon? If so can you spill some details about them?

YES!! I can’t wait to share it with y’all. I recently wrote a song (yet to be released) called “We Are 1”  right now there is so much hate going on in the world and it’s time to join together despite our differences. So, I decided that I wanted real perspective for this song, and I wanted to take a Latin artist, R&B artist, and a Pop artist (myself) to sing one song together and make it incredible, despite our differences in singing styles. It takes everyone in this world joining together in love, and respect to truly stop all the hate. Be keeping an eye out for the song and music video release coming soon! I am so excited to share this one☺  

What are your friends and parents thoughts on your career in singing and acting?

I’m blessed that I have super supportive parents, and friends. They’ve got my back, and encourage me to do my best in whatever I do. (You don’t have to be the best but you should give it your best) My Mom told me no for 3 yrs. , from when I was 10 to 12… I had to work hard, and I watched YouTube videos, How to’s, etc. until finally she agreed. She was making sure that this is what I really wanted to do. Also there is always value in hard work.

After I went through a strenuous acting, and singing program it just fueled the fire and my love for the industry… soon after that’s when we came to California! It was definitely a different career path than most in Texas, so some of my friends definitely had to warm up to the idea and some didn’t understand or agree.. However, now my friends and whole family understand what I’m pursuing and are so supportive, loving, and caring! I also now have many friends who are in this industry as well, so they definitely get it.  

What goals have you set out for yourself in your career and in your personal life?

I want to speak to nations, and do that through a combination of the gifts I have been given, using my acting in a television series, huge films, singing, and public speaking. I would love to tour for my singing/acting job and go all around to schools, stadiums and event halls talking and speaking to people about overcoming the struggle (whatever that may be) standing firm in who you are, and not conforming to the mold that society wants you to become and encouraging them to have a dream and to accomplish that dream.  I see myself writing books and having them published ( one is currently in the works), become an illustrator and travel the entire world. I want to share the love, inspiration, and message I have in my heart with others. I want to write movies, books, films, and songs as well. Yes, I know this is a lot , but I also know that I can do all of these things in my lifetime with hard work!!

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career as a singer and actor?

I feel like One in particular is about to happen… however, so far touring doing my “Just Be You” events, singing and performing as well as playing Ophelia in Seven Lions! It’s such a fulfilling feeling.

Overall, how has this whole acting and singing career experience been for you?

It’s been great, but it’s definitely not easy. You always have to put in the work and learn as much as you can! Honestly in this industry you will never hear the word “no”  so many times in your life… then you’ll get your life changing yes! It takes persistence, passion, love, and endurance to get you in and through this industry.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to make it as a singer or actor?

Know your morals, your goals, and what you want to accomplish. Remember that you are unique, incredible, talented, and believe in yourself. Have the confidence and dare to not just chase your dreams but to create, catch and live your dreams, because you are “ beautiful, wonderful, and enough”

Don’t think this career is all roses because it’s not.. If you want an easy career “go be a doctor” because it’s guaranteed work –usually-. With acting and singing it can be unpredictable so this quote is what keeps me going besides kind awesome messages from my friends and fans..(which I love by the way)..

“A Dream will never become a reality if you do not wake up . Many are afraid to wake up and spoil their Dreams. Wouldn’t it be awesome to live your dream in lieu of sleeping your Dream? Wake up!”

“Dream Big Believe Bigger.” – Ainsley Ross

If you are a believer

“For I know the plan I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jer. 29:11

If you aren’t

Use your positivity, balance your energy, find your inner peace, know your worth, use your strength, and be people of courage, stand strong, work hard and love big

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

Instagram, Facebook, and my website is how I mainly stay connected!

Instagram: @ainsley_ross

Facebook: @ainsleyrosstheartist

Website: www.ainsleyross.com

Does your fan base have a name?

They call themselves The Ross’ters

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

Here are two accounts…

I did a pop up surprise show at a Boys and Girls club in Dallas TX. for the kids… The fans went so crazy that when I got off the stage security had to put me in a “safe place” because they were so excited and  it got crazy… they pushed through the barricaded doors and secret entrances trying to find me. They were chanting my name and grabbing at my clothes….That time was amazing, and crazy all at the same time.

The next time I was volunteering at the LA mission serving food on Skid Row on Easter Sunday, I met (Pharrell Williams, Kellan Lutz, that day)… I was walking through the line serving the homeless  in attendance when we eventually reached a set of barrack gates… and I heard somebody calling my name. Then the voice went away.. About 10 min. later I hear “ Ms. Ainsley Ross, Ainsley Ross, right here, right here” then all of a sudden I see a fan and paparazzi standing leaning over the barracks with a good 50 pages of high resolution shiny hard stock paper pictures of me, holding out his sharpie marker… asking if I could sign them… my stomach had a knot in it.. (of course I thought it was cool) but this is a much older man whom I had never met before who somehow knew my location. I was thankful that my parents were with me.. and security gathered around me as well.. and I autographed 50 pages of pictures.. Some pictures from modeling shoots that hadn’t been fully released yet! He was telling me how big of a fan he was. Meanwhile some of the homeless we were serving started shouting around him at me “She’s a model, and actress, she’s famous” Once I was done, I gave him the pics and sharpie back and he told me ‘thank you so much!” As I walked off, the people started reaching out trying to grab me etc. making comments like “You’re a singer check this out..” etc.. That was the craziest fan experience by far.

What’s an average day for you look like?

Wake up at 5:00 in the morning to go to my Extreme Martial Arts class until 8:30.. go back home to go over any audition or callback sides, get dressed for appearances or red carpet events if they are scheduled for the day, eat, answer interviews, answer emails, call my family, go to auditions, follow up with business professionals, make Instagram and Facebook posts.. Give some love to my sponsors who are amazing, practice singing, and my extreme martial arts, blogging, and then I go to bed after I watch 1 episode of a show to wind down.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

Loving, Selfless, Strong, Creative, and Inspirational

Do you have any last things you want to tell your fans?

That I am thankful for and I love each and every one of you! Also that you are valid, strong and enough. Know your worth, and don’t just chase your dreams but catch them! Times can get hard in life, trust me I know… but ya know what got me through it? The determination in my heart in knowing that the messages I have to share with the world, is worth all the struggles I go through!

Also y’all really don’t know how much a single kind message that even one single fan writes impacts me. When I have hard days and I see a message from a you guys.. I always try and respond! All of your love, messages, kind words, and support keeps me going… y’all give me inspiration, and confirm that I am doing my job and that I’m doing it right! That gives me the drive to keep going. Also guy’s BELIEVE in yourself, and know that you are STRONG enough.