July 25, 2024

What does Jack & Jack, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff and Matthew Espinosa all have in common?  They all started on YouTube and Vine. They never expected to be where they are today, but they pursued a passion they all had and put hard work into it. Their passions have payed off as well as their hard work. It has given them so many great opportunities. Over the past few months many of them have gained a great reputation in the music and movie industry.

Jack & Jack have just released their new EP, California and released a new music video for one of the songs on the EP:

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Nash Grier has been really active with his YouTube Channel and his new movie with Cameron Dallas is coming out really soon:

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Cameron Dallas is starring alongside Nash Grier in Outfield, but he starred in his own movie called Expelled.Cameron also just released his new single “She Bad”:






Shawn has hit the music industry by storm. He is headlining his own tour to promote his new album Handwritten and he is also the opening act for Taylor Swifts 1989 world tour:

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Taylor Caniff is on the road for his new RV Project Tour and has been really active on YouNow:


Matthew is about to go on his Creative Collab Tour:


So as you can see all these guys are stepping up their game and I am so proud of all of them!

Who is your fav YouTube/Vine Star?