June 17, 2024

Now that One Direction are on break many fangirls are trying to look for a new boyband to fangirl over until they come back. One of the biggest contenders for that role is none other than, Before You Exit.

Before You Exit, or BYE for short, is a band of three brothers who lived in Florida and decided to start a family band. BYE are one of the biggest contenders for being the band 1D fans can fangirl over until 1D come back because they have that family comradery that 1D had. (They are really brother’s so that helps a little haha) Another thing that makes BYE a lot like 1D is that they love their fans unconditionally and would do anything for them.

BYE are starting to climb up the pop charts with their two new singles “Model” and “When I’m Gone”, which they will be performing on their “ALL THE LIGHTS TOUR” this year. Their “ALL THE LIGHTS TOUR” is being hyped up so much and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for it. Many tickets for the tour are already sold out, so I thought it would be a cool idea to give the chance to one of you guys to win 1 GA ticket to see them on June 17th in Los Angeles, CA.


Step 1:
Create A Musical.ly To One Of Their New Singles – “Model” Or “When I’m Gone”

Step 2:
Post The Musical.ly With The Tag – @teenmusicinsider BYE CONTEST

Step 3:
After Posting It To The Musical.ly App Save The Musical.ly You Created And Share It To Your Instagram AND Twitter With The Same Tag As Before

Step 4:
Comment The Musical.ly To The Tagged Post On Our Facebook Page And Explain Why You Should Get The Ticket

Step 5:
Come To our website www.teenmusicinsider.com on June 5th To See Who Won!! 🙂

Good Luck To Everyone Who Enters!!

You Can Only Make one Musical.ly For This Contest

You Have To Complete Every Step

I Am Only Giving Away One Ticket

This Contest Does Not Include Transportation