June 19, 2024

Niall, Niall, Niall I may be biased since Niall is my favorite member of One Direction, but I’m absolutely in love with his new song “This Town”.

14502837_766518550152846_1263418892232727084_nWhile on their break ,that no one is sure they are going to return from, Niall signed a solo contract with Capitol Records and he came out with a wonderful song for all of us.

14516402_766428210161880_3765370302471958115_nI am not complaining anymore because we all have been blessed. I remember at the beginning when we complained that he didn’t sing enough solo parts in 1D’s songs, but this song definitely makes up for all those times. His talent is shining brighter than ever now. The song is already up there on the charts and is playing on many radio stations worldwide proving that he can have a successful solo career. So if you haven’t, be sure that you go and give the song a listen an if you absolutely love it make sure you buy it.

Listen Here: http://niall.to/thistownvevo

Photo Source: Capitol Records

– Katelyn Thompson