June 17, 2024


Right, you lot – we’re gonna give you three words and you gotta tell us the first thing that comes to mind. HEY THERE DELILAH. A shiny vision of a floppy-haired Louis Tomlinson auditioning for The X Factor back in 2010 just popped up in your head, nah? Well it turns out ol’ Tommo did another song at auditions before Simon Cowell cut him off. That song? Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

Yessir – we all know Luigi’s BOSSED Mr. Brightside on the piano, and now his mum Johannah’s revealed it was actually his original XF audition song. Well she actually revealed the news in 2010, but because she wasn’t as much of a ‘thing’ back then it’s properly come to everyone’s attention now.

Yes we are reporting on news from 2010. Yes it is now 2015. Yes we probably are #lazyjournos.

When asked if Tommo sang another song as well as the Plain White T’s CLASSIC he apologised for (er why babes), Jo replied ‘Mr. Brightside’ before explaining that Simon stopped him and said ‘I am stopping you because we like you Louis and want to hear variety.’

Riiiight, so who’s up for popping down to ITV and/or distracting the security and having a rummage for the lost footage? Illegal schmegal. This is IMPORTANT.

Also this is the perfect excuse to watch the lad’s original audition all over again, tbh.

And listen to him doing Mr. Brightside on piano. Our new year’s resolution for 2015 was to be more productive, what can we say?





SOURCE: www.sugarscape.com