April 19, 2024

Happy New Music Friday, Insiders! We’re kicking off the holiday season with some incredible voices in music and releases you don’t want to miss. Start your weekend off on the right foot with new music from Russell Dickerson, Shawn Mendes, Britney Spears, Dolly Parton, Liddy Clark, and many more. Check out a few of our favorite new releases below, and enjoy your weekend! 

Russell Dickerson – “Southern Symphony” off Southern Symphony

Shawn Mendes – “Teach Me How To Love” 

Amy Jack – “Winter Wonderland” 

Liddy Clark – “Wrapped Up In Roses” 

Why Don’t We – “Lotus Inn” 

Carly Pearce – “Show Me Around” 

Britney Spears – “Swimming In The Stars Tonight” 

Dolly Parton – “I Still Believe” 

Mitch Rossell – “Seemed Like A Good Idea” Music Video 

Dolly Parton – “All I Want For Christmas Is You” ft. Jimmy Fallon Video

Max and Harvey – “Worry A Little Less” 

“All Time Low: Monsters” – Feat. Demi Lovato & black bear