June 17, 2024

SYRACUSE, NY | March 23 2021 Syracuse rocker Sydney Irving drops her fifth EP Relax With Fiends

today on Spotify and Apple Music. Although only seventeen-years old, she is well known for her original, ear-
catching indie-rock songs. Infected with the classic rock bug, Irving’s music draws from the likes of The

Doors and Tom Petty while simultaneously blending the new-age flare of Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift and
“My little sister technically came up with the name,” Irving recalls, “I walked into her room and she had tried
to write ‘relax with friends’ on her light up sign, but she wrote ‘Relax With Fiends’ instead which I found to be
really cool and funny. I loved the juxtaposition of the words ‘relax’ and ‘fiends’; finding comfort with shifty
characters which seemed to uphold the edgy side of rock n roll.” The process in which the album was recorded the album was a new experience due to the COVID lockdown happening after the first three songs were completed. “Normally I would write the song on my bedroom floor with my Breedlove Guitar and then send a recording to my producer Steve Sopchak, and we would spend a full day working on the production together in his studio. Tracks one through four were recorded prior to March 2020, but we still had not recorded the third track, which ended up being recorded during the shut down. I wrote “All I Need Is You” during the Covid months; it’s a stripped down, country-esk song. I had not seen Steve for months during the pandemic and I wanted to finish the album. We came up with the idea to run a micout of the window of Steve’s house so I could record the vocals from his porch. We recorded the vocals on a hot and sunny August day. Steve added the finishing touches in his home studio and “Bam!” The album was then Frankensteined together and “Relax With Fiends” is now available for your listening pleasure.”
“Rain” is the lead single off the new EP, and was also the first song written and recorded for the project. When choosing the lead single, Irving decided that “Rain” felt like the coolest intro to the new music because I feel that “Rain” symbolizes a fresh start which works with this new endeavor into rock n roll. Relax With Fiends is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

At 17, this Syracuse, NY native should be in the early years of her music career, but she has already been
named the 2020 young adult artist of the year by the International Singer-Songwriters Association. At only 14,
she released her debut album of singer-songwriter songs,“Hello Stranger”.
Things began to change when in 2019, Sydney attended a Barns Courtney concert and had the chance to meet
him before the show. Courtney was so impressed by her voice that he called her up on stage during the show
to sing his hit song “You & I” with him.
Irving has had the privilege to open for artists like Matt Rogers and Mikele Buck as well as be the youngest
artist to have a residency at the largest casino in New York State. Sydney Irving, who has been nominated for
best singer/songwriter at the Syracuse Area Music Awards three times, has been writing songs since she was
twelve with her guitar. Along with being named the 2020 Female Artist of the Year by Music Mafia Radio.
With a fresh, indie rock sound, Sydney is following her dreams of pursuing music.

* 2020 Young Adult Artist of the year by the International Singer Songwriters Association
* 2019 direct support for Starship feat. Mickey Thomas at the 2019 Spiedie Fest
* 2020 Music Mafia Radio Female Artist Of The Year
* Breedlove Guitar endorsed artist


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NYS MUSIC, Oct. 2020: “As lighting strikes, it is evident Sydney Irving belongs. Although, you’re just
getting to know the high school senior, her name will hold a heavier weight as time moves on.She will
fill your music library, as you come to realize Sydney Irving‘s on the rise.”