April 19, 2024

While most of us have struggled to remain productive amid the pandemic, Taylor Castro is on a tear releasing songs + films leading up to her sophomore album Girl, Afraid due out this summer from PMA Records. The Miami singer-songwriter has a seemingly bottomless well of creativity, telling story after story through multiple mediums at a level of proficiency to which most artists only aspire, and she’s still only 21 years old. Taylor has seized upon every possible opportunity the pandemic has offered to connect with her expansive fan base online (90K on Instagram, 25M combined streams) and share her artwork by digital means like concept music videos that feel like actual short films, animated lyric videos, and live performance videos, where her raw vocal talent goes unmatched. ALL of her official music videos from 2020-2021 have earned over 1 million views! In a saturated indie-pop landscape, Taylor stands out for her thunderous singing voice and for the literary depth of her storytelling.

Her latest piece, “Hurricane”, is no exception. Taylor says, “When you really want someone in your life but it seems like your relationship with them isn’t growing despite every effort, it’s human nature for that frustration to turn into overreaction or manipulation. A hurricane is basically this mutant rain storm so I felt like it was a great metaphor for trying to get closer to someone by essentially getting into a fight with them and tracking what makes them tick. Through this, the two people develop a better understanding of who the other is at their core and are no longer fooled by what the other portrays. As wrong as that behavior may be, it’s only natural and this song is about it from the manipulator’s point of view.”

If you cared enough
you would have stayed
Let’s be honest, Babe
You know I’d cross the seas to see your face
But beware I’ll bust down the gates

This is a young writer who knows she is, knows where she’s going, wants to connect and be loved, but won’t be pulled astray. Taylor balances her self-assuredness with vulnerability and fallibility:

Honey, give me more

Cause maybe if I
make you turn your head
Get you to notice me instead
I’ll know you from your reaction
And I’ll get some attention

You can catch up on the forthcoming album’s narrative progression so far by watching “be ok”, “Abyss”, “Coffee Eyes”, “Ophelia’s Flowers”, and “Muse With a Dagger” (currently #23 on Billboard A/C charts) on Taylor’s YouTube channel or listening on streaming platforms everywhere. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the story and the album’s release date, to be announced soon!


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