May 25, 2024

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 15, 2021) — Nashville based southern rock band, Heavy The Mountain, is set to release its debut single “Raise Your Glass.” Distributed by Copperline Music Group, the original track will be available to the masses on Friday, July 2, 2021.

Produced by Kyle Henderson and written by lead singer and guitarist, Josh Terry, the song kicks off with a massive distorted blues riff accompanied by a soaring slide guitar. Terry’s long-time friend and drummer, John Biggs, brings the thunder by providing a steady beat that keeps the song chugging throughout the epic choruses.

Terry’s vocals cut through the track like a hot knife in butter, reminiscent of old southern greats, leading up to a catchy foot-stomping dobro breakdown. Just as the lyrics portray, the song “Howls like an old freight train,” begging listeners to let your hair down and “Raise Your Glass.”

Raise your glass to the ones who make you feel the love
For they are the ones who share your flame
Don’t forget to count your lucky stars above
For a life that’s right as rain
Don’t need no doctor
Don’t feel no pain
I’m just humming along
Singing highway songs
I’m howlin’ like an old freight train

“I wanted to come out of the gate with an uplifting song that you can also bang your head to,” said Josh Terry“The lyrics were written as a salute to the good life and all those who support and inspire me.”

Directed by Josh Terry and filmed by Safford Films, the “Raise Your Glass” official music video will be released on July 23, 2021. Heavy The Mountain is currently in the studio recording a series of singles expected to roll-out Fall 2021.

About Heavy The Mountain:
After leaving his hometown in 2008 to make the move to Austin, TX, Josh Terry began touring across the country with his new band: Smoke and Feathers. Opening for prominent acts such as: SLEEP, Dead Meadow and Eric Johnston, the band garnered the attention of Austin’s locals. That attention led to them becoming official SXSW artists for years to come. With help from friends The Black Angels, they were also given the opportunity to play Austin Psych Fest 3 separate years.

With a decade of touring off and on and two short stints in Los Angeles, the road led Josh Terry back to his roots in Nashville, TN. There he made the decision to take his extensive collection of newly written material and start his next musical journey as Heavy The Mountain.

Terry brought in long time friends John Biggs (Drums), and John Boland (Guitar). Later adding California native, Nathaniel Stiers (Bass), from Fresno band: Fierce Creatures. Blending the southern sounds of slide guitar, dobro, and harmonica with heavy guitar riffs, thunderous percussion, and deep low end, Heavy The Mountain proves to bend the ears of any and all fans of southern Rock n Roll.

Heavy The Mountain embraces the mysterious, compelling wizardry, desire, temptation with perfectly balanced contradictions that are both graceful and colossal. The new sound takes on several personalities, drawing influences from legends such as: Black Sabbath, Pride and Glory, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers band, Rolling Stones, Black Crowes and Howlin’ Rain.

Currently, Heavy The Mountain is in the studio recording a series of singles expected to roll-out Fall 2021.

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