May 19, 2024

What a week! This week, the US has experienced huge amounts of snowfall all over. In honor of all the snow days across the country, we’ve rounded up a fun playlist of 12 songs to check out when it feels like 12 below outside. Whether you’re stuck at home and snowed in, or out sledding with your friends, crank up some new tracks for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve rounded up songs from Justin Bieber, Why Don’t We, The Weekend, SZA and many more. Stay warm, Insiders!

SZA – “Good Days”

We can’t get this melody off our minds – add to your snow day playlist to start your snow day on the right foot.

Justin Bieber – “Anyone”

Bieber always brings the hits, and we can’t deny “Anyone” this song is a smash.

Caroline Romano – “Jagged Stars”

This teenage anthem will have you not only in your feels but up on your feet. The pop songstress takes her songwriting to a new level with her latest high-energy release.

Why Don’t We – “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)”

The ultimate track for sledding down the hills with your pals!

Leigh Nash feat. Ruby Amanfu – “Good Trouble”

The timely message of allyship and acceptance is something we all need to hear. This beautiful track would be an easy listen by a fire watching the snow fall!

The Weeknd – “Save Your Tears”

Don’t cry when the snow day is over – there’s always next year! Check out The Weeknd’s latest release for a chill vibe.

Amy Jack – “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

Amy Jack is a country music storyteller, and she shares a hopeful message with her new song, “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.” This inspirational song is timely and uplifting.

Gabrielle Mooney – “Bad”

Sometimes you need to show off your wild side, and Gabrielle Mooney’s not afraid to be the first. Check out her latest release “Bad” to get a glimpse into her fun-loving and authentic personality.

Jordana Bryant – “Virtually Next To You”

Although you might not be able to get outside with friends and family with the crazy weather and social distancing protocols, we’re lucky to live in a time to be able to connect with loved ones virtually! Filmed in the wintery hills, Jordana’s original song “Virtually Next To You” shares just that.

Walker County – “Bits & Pieces”

This feel-good love anthem is the perfect track for cuddling up by the fire. The Walker County girls are nothing but fun, and their music is for sure to make you smile even on the coldest day.

Liddy Clark – “sorry mom & dad”

A song that started out as a joke, Liddy’s latest release is a playful apology to her parents for rebellious moments — a sentiment we can all relate to!

Mitch Rossell – “2020”

A song calling for unity and hope for the future, “2020” is an anthem we can get behind in any weather.

James Dupré – “Miss A Moment”

Country singer-songwriter James Dupre will help you remember to take in all the beauty of nature with this nostalgic song, and never miss a moment!

Lil Nas – “Holiday”

Because this snow is feeling like we’re in the middle of a Hallmark holiday film!