June 17, 2024

First Date Ideas + A Playlist Perfect for Summer

First dates can be nerve-wracking – and finding a unique activity can add unnecessary and unwanted stress. We’ve rounded up some out-of-the-box first date ideas to try out this summer, as well as some new tunes to check out –  whether you’re hitting the town with your date, on the lake for the day or just chilling by the pool. Skip the typical dinner and movie, and try out a new first creative date below – we know you won’t regret it.

Food Trucks for Two

Scratch the stuffy and overpriced 4-course-dinner reservations for a first date, and try out a local food truck festival. You both can find something delicious, and best of all – who said you have to limit yourself to just 4 courses! Add a level of fun by making a game of who orders the best meal from all of the trucks

Customize A Date-in-a-Box with Happily

Beat the heat and forget the stress of planning a creative first date night with specially curated date boxes from Happily. Each date night includes an activity, a custom playlist, and food. Happily date boxes range from DIY homemade pretzels and a personalized Jenga game, to an at-home Escape Game, dancing lessons with homemade ice cream, sushi rolling, and many more. Best of all? For $40, you can get a monthly datebox sent to your door with customized options to keep the fun going, every month.

Go to A Concert or Music Festival

If you love live music, pick out a fun band or local festival for your first date. Whether you’re a music junkie or just looking for a creative night out, concerts are great conversation starters, and they’re the perfect way to light a spark and create a memory to share together. For festivals, try out an eccentric fanny pack from Tipsy Elves to go hands-free while staying festive and fun.

Tipsy Elves American Flag Fanny Pack – $24.95

Have A Picnic by the Water

If you live near the beach, a lake or even a local pool, a picnic by the water is a relaxing and romantic way to get to know someone on a first date this summer. If you’re by the beach, you can step out of your comfort zone and try out a surfing lesson, parasailing, or a jet ski ride. Sand Cloud offers a fantastic beach towel that can double as a picnic blanket. Best of all, the turkish cotton is sand-resistant, so no PB&J’s will be harmed in the making of this date. See more from Sand Cloud here.

Board Game Tournament

From Cards Against Humanity to Scattergories, Headbandz and Yahtzee, try out new and old board games alike for a for a fun twist on the classic and ever-popular game night. Gaming experts at RaveReviews.org dubbed Scrabble as the top-rated best board game of all time — don’t sleep on Clue though, it never fails to bring the fun with the elements of mystery and nostalgia. Take it to the next level and make it a battle between couples

Trampoline Park

Don’t be afraid to bring out your inner kid on your first date. Head down to your local trampoline park and trade in the formal clothes for some funky socks — bounce ‘til you drop while getting some quality time getting to know each other. See more from Tipsy Elves here.

Lastly, here’s a fun playlist of new songs with the perfect mix of country and pop you could jam out to on a first date below!