July 21, 2024

This years Next Big Thing (NBT), Shawn Mendes is a great example of what teens today wants as an icon. People need an icon that is not fake, they need someone who really loves music and wants to share their love of it to the rest of the world. At first, Shawn didn’t know that he wanted to pursue music, all he knew was that he would work hard at whatever he chose to achieve it. When his parents bought him his first guitar when he was 15, Shawn practiced 6 to 7 hours somedays because he new the more he practiced the better he was getting. He then started to put videos of himself singing covers of popular songs on Vine. and thats when many of his fan base was formed. Shawn went out to a meet and greet to meet some of his fans from vine. He never expected that it would turn out the way it did. 2000 of fan base showed up to support him. They were holding posters and shouting his name.  In a recent interview, Shawn said, ” whatever we put our minds to we can accomplish it if we put the time and hard work into it.” After meeting some of his fans, Shawn went home and rushed to his parents to ask them if he could pursue this as a career. They asked him, “Can you even write a song?” Shawn ran upstairs and came back down in an hour with his new single, “Life of the Party!” This single is one of the most popular song on his new EP that he released a couple of months ago. That was the start of his soon to be music career. All of his hard work led him being asked to open up for Austin Mahone on his tour and being named the NBT! In just the few months that Shawn has been in the music industry he has already achieved so much. This shows us that hard work and determination does help us pursue dreams of our own. Keep up the hard work Shawn. <3