June 19, 2024


Perhaps one of the most admirable qualities a woman can possess is confidence in herself, and a woman who has extreme self confidence has the power to take control of any and every difficult situation she may face in life.


But what if a woman is beaten, used, and abused by a man she believes she loves? She becomes broken. The beaming smile and radiant personality that was once characteristic of a formerly confident woman seems to no longer exist.


Shawn Mendes’ examines this to be a sad reality for a woman he cares for in his new music video for “Treat You Better.” In this dramatic video, the deep meaning behind the lyrics is brought to life. Mendes sees a woman that he cares for and wants to love, and is heartbroken that despite the toxic nature of her relationship, she stays with her abuser. The new video is meant to serve as a powerful message for all women who have fallen victim to domestic violence: you don’t have to stay.


Mendes’ empowering message to girls and women is one of the importance of having the confidence to stand up for yourself and step away from your attacker. This theme highlights a very big problem and the sad reality facing many real women around the world. While bruises may fade, the harmful effects of domestic violence can be felt for a lifetime for many victims, and can include an extreme sense of self-loathing, a complete loss of self esteem, and deep depression. Mendes fears that this will become her reality if she continues to refuse his offer to help her.


At the conclusion of the video, Mendes includes the number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, with the implication that if you are facing this struggle, you are not alone. There are many resources for women regarding domestic violence, and Mendes hopes that his latest video shows that there will always be someone who will “Treat You Better”, no matter how damaged you may be.

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