May 29, 2024
The singer doesn’t appear in the video, but it will definitely get you dancing.
The pieces are slowly coming together. Shawn Mendes, who just took over MTV’s Tumblr, released the third part of his Handwritten music video series, “Stitches,” which is a full-on dance party for one.

The video, which does not feature Shawn, picks up with a shot of the same girl who was featured in both of his previous videos, as she looks over what I think is the note Shawn left her in the “Never Be Alone” video.

While we have no idea what the note says, it can’t be good since she burns it to pieces.

But instead of “needing stitches” now that she’s “without his kisses,” this girl straps on a pair of headphones, pumps up Shawn’s new song and has an all-out dance party around her house, complete with a solo pillow fight.


The video ends with the girl writing a note of her own, throwing on her jacket, leaving the house (and the note) behind, and walking away with a whole lot of girl-power swagger.


Shawn’s debut album Handwritten drops April 14 right before he hits the road with Taylor Swift for her 1989 tour.