April 13, 2024

On Saturday, I attended the Rock Your Hair Valentine’s Show! The event was held at the iconic Avalon Hollywood venue. The night started off with the artists walking down the pink carpet at 5pm. Some of the artists included Vivian Hicks, Ruby Jay, Carson Lueders, & Johnny Orlando.

The event was filled with bright lights, loud music, & dancers! Brooke Butler was the host of the event and her performance of her new song,”A Little Bit Of Love”, was absolutely amazing! The rest of lineup pretty much went Singer, Dancer, Singer, Etc. One of the first artists to perform was Ruby Jay who performed her single, “Rise Up”,and had a beautiful dancer named Emily dance along side her during her song!

Ruby also performed her new single “Shoutout To My Ex” by Little Mix with Vivian Hicks. They were amazing. They both had this really high note in the song and they both nailed it!! Another amazing performer of the night was Lillian from Dance Moms! She nailed all her dance moves and Abby was actually there in the audience supporting all her dancers that were dancing that night.

The night also consisted of performances by Hayden Summerall, Lauren Orlando, Christian Lalama, and so many more amazing artists and dancers. The night ended at 9 with a smile on everyone’s face because of how good of an success the event had been.

Photo Source: @LuedersUniverse , TigerBeat