May 29, 2024

“Do You?” – RJ Word

Directed by RJ Word

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RJ Word criticizes the realm of pop culture and the reality of young romance in his new pop single “Do You?” – and just released a humorous behind-the-scenes styled music video to match. While the track is set to an upbeat tempo, the lyrics question a seemingly downplayed relationship. Verse after verse, the single reflects an ever too relatable undefined modern day romance that inevitably ends with more questions than answers. Within the music video, which RJ self-directed, he brings viewers on a mockumentary-styled behind-the-scenes look into the inspiration and conception of how this anti-love pop track was created.

RJ takes on a unique out-of-the-box approach to ‘pop’ – incorporating elements of live brass horns, electronic beats and his signature falsetto melodies into his music. He often spices up his tracks with Latin influences he’s picked up throughout his career while working hand-in-hand with top artists such as Pitbull and Juan Magan. RJ’s new single “Do You?” closely follows behind the recent releases of his pop-funk love ballad “Love Hurts”  and electro-pop single “You Played Yourself” mixed by Latin DJ Victor Magan. With an eclectic music catalogue and sound like no other, RJ has set out to break the mold of ‘pop.’

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