June 19, 2024

Rising Nashville Artist Continues
Solo Debut With Satyric Second Single

Unafraid of the dark, Notelle lives in the extremes of emotion. Finding inspiration in the shadows, the singer/songwriter turns her pain into something raw, something hauntingly powerful. Notelle closed out 2018 with the release of her first single, Power, and is continuing her solo debut with her second single, Tell Me; a sultry take on what it feels like to succumb to personal vices, to give in to that addictive person who will love you right, then leave you high. The track combines thick syncopated low end with intimate manipulated vocals to entice the listener into a darker, heavier and messier realm of pop.


The rising Nashville artist recently stepped into the spotlight, exploring her solo career after working behind the scenes for several years as a featured vocalist and top-liner. Notelle’s writing dives bravely into often familiar yet complicated emotions for those who are not afraid to truly feel. Her admiration for finding beauty in all things dark and painful comes out in her music, enabling her vocals and lyrics to cut deep, and giving a disquieting but arousing reaction.

Tell Me made its debut on Friday, February 22nd, 2019, premiering on Now/It’s Nashville and is available to stream/download on all major music platforms.

“I was raised to act as if my mother was in the room at all times, to never do something she wouldn’t approve of. For the most part, I think that’s valid, but there are times when giving in just feels so much better. Moral compasses can be boring, honestly, you know? I want to live a little. Sometimes, it’s way more fun to do something selfish and sinful and deal with the consequences later, especially when it comes to relationships. This song, even though it’s specific to a guy and a bedroom, relates to so much more than that for me, it’s about all things I’ve ever given into, about all the things, that I, that we, don’t tell our mothers.” – Notelle