February 23, 2024

Pre-order data suggests that Shawn Mendes’ debut album “Handwritten” will be “Something Big.”

Music fans are very excited for Shawn Mendes’ debut studio album “Handwritten.”

How excited? Excited enough to thrust the song’s pre-order sales count past the 50,000 mark.

News of the achievement comes courtesy Republic’s radio promotions team, which understandably boasted about the strong statistic. With seven weeks remaining until the album’s formal April 28 release, “Handwritten” is destined to make a major splash.

As it stands, the current pre-order total would already be enough to help “Handwritten” make a respectable debut on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart. The additional pre-order and release week buys that are still to come will turn the word “respectable” into “impressive.”

In addition to touting the success of the album’s pre-order campaign, Republicalso reintroduced “Something Big” as Mendes’ official pop radio single. Initially positioned as a follow-up to “Life of the Party,” which performed well from a sales standpoint but failed to resonate at radio, the “Something Big” push was delayed to give “Life of the Party” a second chance.

Nothing materialized from that second chance, and Republic is now hoping something will from “Something Big.”