June 20, 2024

Today I got to attend Justin Bieber’s Album Launch Party at the Staples Center in La. I ended up having great seats!! I was in floor 5, row 1, seats 19 and 20. The night started with Justin praying for Paris and Japan victims. It then went to him answering live stream and audience questions. The last question that was asked was “can you sing for us?” everyone screamed when he said “do you guys want me to sing tonight?”

He started with “What do you mean?” Then he sang “home to mama”. He also ended up singing “Boyfriend” and “Sorry” and a couple other songs as well. But being in the front row and hearing him sing his new songs wasn’t the best part of the night. The best part was when he sang “One Less Lonely Girl” because he happened to pick the girl right next to me to be his one less lonely girl on stage.

After he sang, he put up a heart with his hands and said he sends love to all his fans and Scooter chimmed in and said how proud he was of Justin and how he was so excited for him to be on the stage again. Justin then left and they started playing “Purpose The Movement” for the first time. “Purpose The Movement” was a string of dance videos for all the songs on his album. I loved the “Children” dance video the best!! Can’t wait for everyone else to see it all next week. I ended the night by buying a Justin Bieber shirt and poster!