April 20, 2024
One Direction

Where do broken hearts go?

For all the teens who tweeted “Too soon!” when Amy Schumer joked about Hillary Clinton replacing Zayn Maik in One Direction during the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, the above photo is sure to be another painful bump in the road to acceptance about Malik’s departure.

The band’s management site posted a new official photo of the band, and it’s just four super-sad lads. No one can bring themselves to smile, and really, why should they? They all look like they’ve spent the last hour listening to 1D ballads like “You & I,” and now just have a lot of feelings they don’t know what to do with. Stars! They’re just like us.

On a more positive note, their official bio has been updated on the site to read, “In April 2015 the band started working on their 5th studio album set to be released later in the year.”

Perhaps their music will go in a distinctly more melancholy direction this time around.

SOURCE: Billboard