June 15, 2024


They’ve already got their faces plastered on chocolate bars, double duvet sets and all the dental care essentials, so it’s only right One Direction should be advertising the new Toyota Vios innit?

Yup – Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis have been whipping their gearsticks out (oi oi) in their brand spankin’ new car commercial in Thailand, despite the fact only three of the fellas can drive.

Essentially the whole thing involves some sultry stares, Girl Almighty, some fancy shots of said Toyota Vios driving round some nice scenic places (by ‘Niall Horan’ but also not Niall Horan) and…er…Zayn Malik not really remembering what the frick he has to say.


The whole concept of the lads’ ad is ‘what makes a good friend?’ and apparently the answer is selfie-taking, some seriously strong hair game, looking borderline-unfairly beautiful and falling asleep in the back seat while your mate assumes the role of designated driver. Also juggling, obviously.

In further news the bit where Zayn sort of just mimes along to the boys’ ONE SPOKEN LINE with some funny hand gestures at the end is essentially everything.


Check out the boys’ car commercial thingy below, if you fancy.

If we knew anything about cars we’d say they could lubricate our camshaft.

HOLLAAAAA, we went there.

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