May 22, 2024



If you’ve ever had daydreams about nibbling One Direction in all of their nooks and crannies, maybe spreading them on a cracker or keeping them safely in your lunchbox then this will be right up your street, as an official line of 1D chocolate bars have just been launched.

The age-old conundrum of what One Direction actually taste like has kept us awake for years now, but now thanks to choccie company Villa del Conte, we’re one step closer to finding the answers. REJOICE.

Unfortunately for us lot, the chocolate bars are only available in the Philippines at the moment so we’ll have to stick to imagining scoffing Liam Payne’s squares of joy and being well jel of anyone who can get their hands on ’em.

There’s an individual bar for each of the boys featuring their well fit photos and autographs on the packaging, so you can collect the whole lot and then keep them in your pocket for when you need a sniff of their sweet aromas. Not weird, don’t worry.

While Louis, Liam and Zayn are all of the milk chocolate with cereals variety, Harry and Niall are a bit more exotic as they’re all dark choc with salted caramel. Christ, is this a dream?

If Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory were a real-life thing, we’re pretty sure that he would have created these masterpieces.


Fancy getting your mitts on One Direction’s chocolatey goodness?

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