April 19, 2024

One Direction is going on tour again and it looks like its going to be their best tour yet. The concert tickets were out on November 1st for many places on their tour and the rest will be released November 14. Everyone is already anticipating the release of One Direction’s new album, “Four” on November 17th. The guys have been really bringing up the buzz about their new album and next single, “Night Changes”. “Night Changes” is Harry’s favorite song on the album. With all the commotion for their album release and their next tour, they are having  a great turnout for this years tour and preorder sale. Have you pre ordered their new album, “Four” yet? I am hopefully going to their concert this year and if I do, I will definitely write a post  about this years tour. This will be a Christmas a lot of people will never forget with the release of the concert tickets so close to the holidays. Whose wanting tickets for Christmas? I know I am! If you are attending, tell us we would love to hear!! Everyone who has already gotten tickets are so lucky. This tour will be One Direction’s best tour yet because of their great new music and great venues and with an amazing fan base like us! <3