May 19, 2024
One direction simon cowell solo
 Simon Cowell has responded to the One Direction breakup rumors, and he says that the band should totally work on their solo projects — just as long as they stay in the group.

“You can’t knock what One Direction are doing. They’re making great records and I think that’s why they’re still so popular,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“I hear speculation all the time that they’re going solo. My advice is they should stay together but still do things they want as a little bit on the side.”

The guys definitely have their own interests, so the former X Factor judge’s advice makes total sense. They can stick with the band (which they love so much), and pursue their other passions in their free time.

These comments from Simon are a nice surprise, especially considering that he seemed convinced they would eventually break up last summer. He has been vocal about his concern that they’ll burn out, and it sounds like he knows their side projects help them enjoy their time together as a band even more.

Do you support 1D’s side projects? Do you think they’ll ever take a break from the band to work on them? Tell us in the comments!