June 15, 2024

New York City-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Nina Lee has released “Freedom,” a song asking for change, inspired by school shootings in Maryland and Florida, the March For Our Lives protests and the solidarity being shown between students – PRESS HERE to listen.

“The recent school shootings have broken my heart, but also awakened it” she posted on her YouTube channel. “I wrote this song, “Freedom,” to speak up about unnecessary and avoidable gun violence, in hopes that it will help others to speak up as well. We have no room to adapt and suffer in silence. We are the generation that will vote for years to come. Today is the time to stand up, make noise, and be heard.”

Lee is no stranger to speaking up against violence. A high school student herself, she recently join a large number of students who walked out of schools nationwide in an effort to bring acceptance to safety in schools. It isn’t the first time Lee has called attention to violence in schools. Her poignant and powerful piano-driven “Safe Place” recounts Nina’s experiences with teenage bullying, and serves as a shining reminder of the inextinguishable light at the end of the high school tunnel.