April 15, 2024

Thanks for being with us today. Please share more with our readers about Done Done Done! 

Nick&Justine: It’s a sassy song about letting go of anything in your life that’s negative or toxic. When someone you trust betrays you, it’s a tough pill to swallow!

Has there been a time in your lives when you really were Done Done Done? 

Nick&Justine: You know it! I think you can tell from the song that we’ve had some experience in this department. It’s what inspired this song!

What is the greatest thing about being a musician in Nashville?

Nick: The sheer concentration of musicians and creative spirits both present and past give Nashville its own vibe. You really feel it, at least I do. So many talented people are trying to make their way. It’s the energy. 

Justine: Before Covid, it was amazing because of all the music opportunities. And now live music is not happening as much but you learn to adapt. I’ve been really able to furnish the music when I’m producing. 

Where did you meet and when did you know you would be making music together?

Nick: We had crossed paths and were aware of one another because we’ve played every Honky Tonk in Nashville! So I gave her a bell and asked if she would be interested in producing some of my new music.  She said yes!

Justine: And the rest is history. 

Nick: Let the games begin! 

We can see you’re both extremely talented, but are there any hidden talents you would like to share? 

Nick: Awww, thanks. You know some things need to remain a mystery. Perhaps I’ll disclose some as time goes on!!! 

Justine: Hidden talents, hmmm I don’t know… I can’t think of any myself! 

When do you feel most creative?

Nick: Truly all the time!  I really love early mornings because they’re so peaceful and the world is mostly asleep. It doesn’t matter to me.  When it’s time to ROCK I’m ready to go! 

Justine: I’m the most energetic first thing in the morning and in the middle of the night. 

Go to song to get pumped up?

Nick: Ghetto Superstar By Pras

Justine: Any 90’s dance music!

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