April 20, 2024

L to R: George Smith, Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby

What are you hiding? / ‘Cause I got the right to know / There’s something different in the way you look

What are you fighting? / If you’re gonna let me go / It’s gonna hurt so choose your words

Baby, let me down slow


While New Hope Club released an electro-pop version of “Let Me Down Slow” with DJ/producer R3HAB. In the spirit of staying true to their roots, New Hope Club also recorded a stripped-down version of the track, uncovering its essence as a beautifully poignant breakup ballad.

“It’s about being with someone for a long time and starting to see the signs that they’re falling out of love with you,” says Blake.

“You know how bad it’s going to hurt when they finally do end the relationship, so it’s like you’re saying to them, ‘If you’re going to do this, can you just do it slowly?’”


Release date 2.14.20

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“So many things have inspired us during the making of this record, but if I’d have to pick one, then I’d say we have all been inspired by each other the most. This album has been around 3 to 4 years in the works, and we have changed so much throughout that time. We have grown up with each other and experienced all these new things together. We are just three normal lads who go through all the normal feelings. We have all fallen in love, experienced heartbreak, and freedom. We are all very open with each other about these feelings and writing songs about them is very natural. We use songwriting as a sort of therapy to vent whatever we are feeling at the time although we may not even realize it until after the song is written. I feel the album is a great representation of the journey New Hope Club has been on and where we are currently in our still-young career.” – George

“This album comes from a deep place in our hearts, and we hope our fans can see their own lives in it.” –  Blake


  • 200 MILLION+ TOTAL STREAMS, 97 MILLION audio streams, 78 MILLION video views
  • EP- Welcome To The Club Pt 2,  released 2018 – #1 in 10 countries and TOP 10 in 20 countries