May 22, 2024

On Saturday, I got the chance to attend Muser Movement’s biggest event to date. The event was being held at the renowned Avalon Hollywood. When Mia and I arrived, soundcheck was still going on. The artists were all hanging around the stage cheering on their fellow artists who were preparing for their big performances in front of an almost sold out show.

After soundcheck finished, the Ultimate VIP fans were let into the venue. Fans started pouring in. They all ran to their favorite artists asking for photos and autographs. After the initial rush of fans slowed down, Casey Simpson ( Star & Nickeldeon Actor) took the stage to introduce the first performer, Gabriel Storm. Gabriel hit the stage and sang 3 songs. His performance made for a great start to an amazing show. After Gabriel left the stage, Casey came back on to do a Q&A or “Questionable Answers” as Casey described it with some of the featured artists. By the end of the event, every artist had gone up at least once to do a Q&A with the fans.

Now it was time for the M&G, so all of the artists went upstairs to get set up. After the M&G, General admission was let in around 2:30 and thats when the real party started. The venue was pretty much packed at this point, which made for an awesome crowd during performances. Some of my favorite performers of the night were Ruby Jay & Vivian Hicks. The event ended up lasting around 6 hours, but it didn’t feel that long at all. Time flew by because everyone was having such a great time. I would definitely recommend going to their next event. 

Thanks For Having Me!