June 17, 2024

Chelsea Music Hall is sharing today that Mrs. M, one of the premier hip-hop talents of Mongolia, will be making her New York City debut Friday, October 18th at their long-running weekly party, Soul In The Horn. The 26 year-old rapper / singer from Ulaan Baatar is currently one of the top artists in the country with millions of YouTube views on her videos — the video for her single “Bang” has over 1 million views on its own (Mongolia’s entire population is just about 3 million).

Her latest, “Tasty,” is her first-ever English language track, and caught the attention of Brooklyn mega-producer Harry Fraud (French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross) who will be producing her new EP at his studio in New York this fall.

The fall of the Soviet Union left a political vacuum in Mongolia in the early ‘90s, and the growing popularity of hip-hop reflected a populist attention towards its honest, street-wise power. Mrs. M has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most important figures in the modern Mongolian hip-hop scene and is poised, through her work with American producer Harry Fraud and beyond it, to become one of the first major breakout stars from her country.