July 21, 2024

One Voice Children’s Choir is an internationally renowned performing group and nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire the world through music. The choir began in 2002 when the Winter Olympic Games were held in Salt Lake City, UT, and from those humble beginnings, the group has grown into a force in the entertainment world. They participated in NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 9 (quarter-finalists), performed at the White House and even toured across the United States and abroad. Most recently, the group released their video “Dynamite” which currently has over 2.5 million views on Youtube.

Hey Guys! I am so excited to be chatting with you! Can you tell us what your group means to each of you?

Liliana: This group is my family. They mean everything to me.  One voice gave me friendships and a community, a place to be me.  Musically, wow, One Voice gave me the opportunity to really explore my passion for music and try a lot of new things.  I feel so thankful because it’s really given me an outlet for my creativity and the director is so passionate about helping ALL of us be successful. It’s a big family and we all cheer for each other. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Jocelyn: OVCC is a place where I feel loved and included, where I can come and express myself through my singing.

Kate: OVCC means a ton of talent coming together in a super short time to make beautiful and fun music that hopefully everybody loves.

Where did your love of music come from?

Madalyn: I have loved to sing since I started to talk!  My family encouraged me to put aside my fears of auditioning and now singing for others is one of my favorite things to do.  Music makes my life happy and I love singing with my choir friends.

Elsie: When I was little, my mom would always sing me to sleep. I would always tell her I wanted to sing just like her. I honestly can’t remember a time where I didn’t love music!

You are gearing up to release your new Christmas album! What do you hope your supporters will think of the new music? And what do you hope they’ll get from hearing your new songs?

Emma: I hope our supporters will love the songs as much as I do. I hope that they will get a sense that the people in your life are the most important thing, and that serving them and showing them love is the best part of the Christmas season. I also just hope it makes everyone happy.

Liliana: Oh I hope it makes people feel joy! It’s been a hard year for so many people. My wish is for them to feel hope, and joy.  I also hope they can feel our love when they listen to it.

Jocelyn: I hope that people feel love, hope and inspiration.

What does this album mean to each of you?

Liliana: This EP has had so much hard work put into it and as a Choir it means a lot to us. For me personally, this was such a cool experience. It’s so incredible that even with this world wide pandemic we can get together and sing! I love that through this process everyone supported each other no matter if they had a bigger role or not. One of the things I love about this choir is that it’s not a competition, it is about showing love and support for each other.

Can you spill any details on what your supporters can look forward to from you guys next year?

Liliana: We always have so many exciting projects we are working on, and we can’t give away our secrets, but I can promise everything we put out there is intended to unite and uplift us all.  It will be sent out into the universe with a whole lot of love and heart!

Will there be a music video for any of your new Christmas singles? If so, can you tell us about the concept of the video 

Kate: Oh, yes a few of them. They were so fun. One we got to act out in the scenes so that’s going to be neat to see. Then Mary Did You Know was beautiful outside and perfect for Christmas. It was pretty cold because we couldn’t stand close to each other but as soon as you started singing the song all that went away and you just felt happy and warm inside.

Is there anyone you want to thank that’s helped you guys get to where you are today?

Liliana: Masa, our choir director, 100 percent! He supports us, uplifts us, encourages us, includes all of us and genuinely loves the music he arranges for us. He is the heart of the choir and I say THANK YOU for all of the long hours, your time and energy to help us fulfill our dreams and for creating an environment where everyone is welcome and loved.   We know you sacrifice a lot for us and we are all super thankful.

Lauren: I want to give a special thanks to all our supporters, the parents, and our OVCC Team! They are the reason One Voice has been seen by millions around the world and the reason we are still performing today.

What do you want your supporters to know that you think is important?

Emma: Touching hearts and bringing happiness is why we do this.

Elsie: I want them to know that all the love they pour into me, I want to pour into my music for all of them!

Lauren: I think it is especially important at this time to remember that we are all equal. We, as smart and incredibly skilled people, need to remember that life is not all about us – we need to love and accept each other for who we are. There is so much hate and hurt in the world and we don’t need to fuel that; what we need to do is help bring peace. People are good and we have to see that. Live and Love.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!
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