June 15, 2024

Meghan Trainor’s songs are more than just catchy. They send positive messages that will certainly help girls of all types to love and appreciate themselves no matter what. Meghan has always put positive thoughts about body images and self respect into her songs and it shows so much more in this album and its awesome!

For example, her new song “NO” tells girls that you don’t have to give yourself up to just any boy. You have the choice to say “NO” if thats what you want to do. It also shows girls that you don’t need a guy to be happy.

I had the chance to see Meghan perform “NO” Live at the iHeart Radio Music Awards this year. It showed in her performance that she is confident in what she is putting out into the world and she should be. Her songs are a great example of what I think more artists should put out there. Not the style per say, but the message that comes through when she sings.

Meghan’s second single off her new album “Thank You” just got released and its called “I Love Me”. Even the title shows that Meghan really does want to spread positivity to young girls around the world and she does it one song at a time. I can’t wait to see what more positivity she spreads with this new album.

What Is Your Favorite Positive Song By Meghan?