July 22, 2024

Yesterday my friend and I headed up to la at 1pm to get in line for the Demi and DNCE show. We got their at 2:30pm. We were btw 20-30 people away from the front of the line, but it ended up being more because a lot of people were saving spots.The security wouldn’t let anyone in till 7pm, so all we could do was wait. We did hear Demi and DNCE rehearse though! Every two hours the security would move the line up to make more room for the people in the back.


At 6:30 they started checking people in at the check in desk. Once we were through the check in point, we had to wait another 30 minutes before getting to go through the security check point. After that one of my friends ran, so we could get a spot near the stage. We ended up getting 3rd row in GA terms.


Marriott had a DJ play for us for an hour and a half till DNCE was scheduled to perform. When DNCE came on people started to squish in a little more. During their set they sang a new song, their hit single, “Cake By The Ocean”, and a few other songs. During “Cake By The Ocean”, pool floats were bouncing over our heads!


We waited for about 5 mins after DNCE left and then Demi came out. That is when everyone started really squeezing in. She told us in the beginning she wouldn’t be able to move around a lot because she had sprained her ankle at one of her recent shows. One of the best moments was when everyone in the crowd chanted “THIS IS ME THIS IS ME”. Unfortunately they didn’t sing it, but it was still so cool to hear everyone chant it! Demi and DNCE did end up singing DNCE’s hit single, “Toothbrush”, together. The whole crowd was so hype during this song.


Another cool moment was when Demi was singing “Skyscraper” she got the hiccups and she just started laughing. Everyone was so impressed how she just kept singing and didn’t let it bother her. After that she sang “Cool For The Summer”and we all sang along and that was the end to a perfect day.