April 20, 2024



Source: Magcon

Magcon is back and for a lot of people it’s a really exciting time..But for others it’s a whole other story.

A few months ago Cameron Dallas and a couple other people announced magcon was coming back and about a week or so ago they released the acts and the first date for Magcon.. At first everyone was freaking out because Jacob Sartorius is only 13 and he doesn’t have talent, according to some people, but not me. Now it’s more than that. The original boys of magcon are fighting because they don’t want to be in or associated with magcon anymore.



Source: Carter Reynolds

In my opinion I think it’s wrong. They shouldn’t be mad because Magcon is back or because they don’t want to be associated with it anymore. They should be happy for the boys that are in magcon..They are enjoying themselves by doing what THEY love. The original magcon boys need to keep their opinions to themselves and let the new group of Magcon boys do what they want to do! Its all for the fans as many of the Magcon boys have always stated! So let’s keep it that way!

Written By: Angel Martin