June 15, 2024


Madonna and Justin Bieber have been stripped of their clothes and secrets throughout their careers, but the pair managed to reveal even more of themselves during a cheeky game of “Never Have I Ever” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After host Ellen DeGeneres handed out paddles reading “I Have” and “I Never Have,” Madonna immediately set the tone for the game asking, “Can we spank each other with it?” DeGeneres’ questions veered towards the charmingly raunchy (it is still daytime TV), with all three copping to to fooling around in a bathroom during a party, while Bieber was the only one to deny ever having phone sex.

The young pop star also sported a Cheshire grin when DeGeneres asked if anyone had ever been kicked out of a bar. “I just turned 21,” he insisted, his paddled flipped to “I Never Have,” eliciting a stern, motherly look from DeGeneres.

Among the silliest things Madonna and Bieber copped to were dating a person and their sibling, fooling around while someone else was in the room and forgetting the name of the person they were hooking up with. Madonna was particularly bummed when the game ended, but kept it alive for one last scenario, stating, “Never have I ever had sex with more than two different people in one day.” She was the only one to hold up “I Have,” while Bieber noted: “Here’s the thing, I want it to be special for my wedding.”

“Aww,” DeGeneres responded. “I don’t buy that.”

Both Bieber and Madonna have been making the promotional rounds lately, though for vastly different reasons. The latter has been talking up her 13th LP, Rebel Heart — appearing once again on the Rolling Stone cover — while Bieber has been on an apology tour that culminated in a star-studded roast over the weekend. The special is scheduled to air on Comedy Central Monday, March 30th.