May 29, 2024



When dark pop singer/songwriter and Strange Main flagship artist Mackenzie Nicole unveiled her full-length debut album The Edge in the Spring of 2018, its songs tallied over 1 million Spotify streams, and her videos totaled 8 million plus views as she played to sold-out crowds coast-to-coast. Today Mackenzie releases “Complications,” a single song release and video premiere that highlights her new direction as an artist.

Hear the song here:

Signing to Strange Main (A division of Strange Music) in 2015, Mackenzie unveiled “Actin Like You Know,” which included a cameo from labelmate Tech N9ne. Early acclaim came as the track racked up over 6.5 million YouTube views and over 2.60 million Spotify streams. Her next song “Deleted” followed with over 1.4 million Spotify streams and over 1.3 million YouTube views to date.

After nearly a decade of diligently grinding, 2018 marked a much-deserved and significant artistic breakthrough for the then 18-year-old. However, Mackenzie candidly admits, “That was the worst six months of my life. On a deeper level, she suffered a mental breakdown and found herself in a very dark place. Through a combination of self-actualization and therapy, she returned stronger than ever before.

Now, at 19-years-old, she’s sharing her struggle and subsequent victory by way of her new song, “Complications” and her second full-length album,Mystic, which is due out later this year.

I wanted to do this music because it’s a story I needed to tell,” she explains. “I’m not the only person who’s been through this. I’m not the only person who has broken down and felt like the only one in the world. I know that to be true. Maybe I can help others avoid making some of the mistakes I did.

Persevering from this turbulence, she dove right into crafting her next musical statement. She kicks off this chapter with the standalone single “Complications.” Over cinematic production with a subtle bounce, infectious beat, and darker lyrical subject matter, Mackenzie’s powerful voice takes flight as she lyrically confronts her demons head-on.

This is a palette cleanser between The Edge and Mystic,” explains Mackenzie. “It introduces one of the main themes of this new era, which is self-destruction. In terms of the lyrics, I make the worst decisions possible. I punish myself constantly. Given a choice between wrong and right, I’ll always choose wrong in the most self-sabotaging way possible. That’s ‘Complications.’ At the same time, there’s an honest sense of humor I’m using to present a heavy concept.

 “This is an important topic, I wanted to handle it in an artistic and personal way. If you’ve been in a dark place, you know it’s a little monster always ready to destroy you. I hope people walk away with a greater understanding of themselves and others. Or, maybe even they just think, ‘This is honest art.‘”

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