July 19, 2024

He’s been said to be today’s Weird Al, and a slice of the UK’s Tim Minchin. Often writing clever parodies of popular songs and performing his stand-up routine all over Los Angeles, comedian and musician, Kennie T. incorporates a fun, theatrical mix of Hip Hop, Rock, and even a little R&B into his music.

On his ambitious new solo album, “Hardcore,” released on July 4, 2020, Kennie blends hooky melodies and thinly veiled social commentary with clever, whip-smart writing. Kennie states that “his music is influenced from many events and chapters of his life, from tragedy to comedy.”

His most recent releases are “Love Has Fallen,” a lover’s lament of sorts, which features a breathy, sing-songy chorus and heart-and-soul lyrics, and “Casper,” a quarantine-penned track obviously inspired by the “invisible enemy” that’s become front and center in our lives.

Hardcore” in its entirety is available now across all major media retail outlets including iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, with 13 originals, and 10 parodies of artists such as Eminem, G Easy, Keith Sweat, Drake, and Freestyle.

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