July 19, 2024



Beliebers every where are getting overly excited for Justin’s new album, “Purpose”. “Purpose” hits shelves in a little over 2 weeks and Justin has come up with another creative way to reveal his tracklist to fans.

Justin enlisted help from graffiti artits around the world to help him reveal each song title. He is taking his painstakingly slow time posting each song title in a separate tweet on his twitter page, corresponding to the sequential order they appear on the album. The graffiti images appear in different cities around the world. So far the images have appeared in Sydney and Paris to Oslo and Berlin. Each mural has a different artistic design to it.

Fans have responded to his tweets showing their utmost excitement. It’s a very interesting marketing strategy and falls in line with comments he made during a recent interview with Nick Grimshaw for BBC’s Radio 1.

Justin inferred that he wants to cultivate a career that has a similar trajectory to Michael Jackson‘s, as far as his ability to elevate the artistry of the pop genre is concerned.

He said, “I want to always stay pop. I think that pop music isn’t necessarily cheesy, it’s just how you make pop music. Pop music just means popular music, so you take what’s hot in the world right now and you flip it and you make it your own. I think that’s something awesome that Michael Jackson did. He always took what was super relevant at the time, like funk and techno and all that stuff.”

So far Justin has released 7 of the 19 song names through graffiti art:

1. Mark My Words
2. Show You
3. What Do You Mean?
4. Sorry
5. Love Yourself
6. Company

7. No Pressure

Charlie Puth even went to twitter to tell everyone about Justin’s new song Company!

All I know now is that this is definitley going to be Justin’s BEST album yet. With collabs with artists like Hasley, Skrillex, etc. and songs written by none other than Ed Sheeran. My mind will definitely be blown when I finally get to hear all of Justin’s new songs. I can’t wait till I get to buy tickets to his tour that is promoting “Purpose”!