June 19, 2024


Former Magcon Member Jacob Sartorius Has Been Getting A Lot Of Hate Recently For Rumors Going Around That He Said Some Horrible Things To A Fan, But It’s Like I Just Said They Are RUMORS. There Is No Proof Of These Incidents Occuring. Yet All These People On There Social Media Accounts Have The Audacity To Call Him Words I Don’t Even Want To Say Yet Type On This Post. But One Girl Went Farther Than That To Show Her Hate Towards Jacob.

Earlier This Month, Jacob Was Talking To Some People Minding His Own Business When Some Random Girl Came Running Up To Jacob And Slapped Jacob Right Across The Face. And  If That Wasn’t Bad Enough She Later Posted On Twitter A Video Of Her Slapping Him.

The Tweet Has Gotten Over 1,000 Retweets So Far And Is Continuing To Grow At This Moment. It Shows You How Horrible Our World Has Come To When Some Girl Slapping Someone For No Reason Can Get Her Famous On Twitter.

Jacob Whitesides Came To Jacob Sartorius’ Side When He Saw The Video. He Was So Disgusted About It All.



After Jacob Whitesides Tweeted About The Situation, Jacob Sartorius Finally Spoke Out About The Situation. But He Didn’t React The Way You Would Think.



What Do You Think He Meant By “Hit Or Miss?”

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