May 29, 2024

Jack And Jack consists of two best friends, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, who started a vine account a few years ago and gained a huge following, mostly of teen girls. Both Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky came up with funny and relatable vine videos that made many teen girls, including myself, fall head over heals for them. They have not only made a name for themselves in the internet world, but also in technology and music. Jack Johnson is now 19 and Jack Gilinsky is 18. With both the Jacks recently getting out of high school and already having made a huge name for themselves, they are only at the beginning of their careers as musicians and internet stars.

With all the fuss about them, the Jacks joined Magcon and then later on joined Digi Tour in 2014 and 2015. They had a major turnout for both tours. They Sold out 14 of 18 shows for Digi Tour in 2014. After realizing they wanted to join the music industry, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky started writing down lyrics and soon after they released their first single, Distance. They both jumped into writing more songs after their first single. On July 24, 2015 the jacks released their first EP called Calibraska. This EP was all about their journey from their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska to California. They explained how it is to be a teen star in today’s world. They both came from a normal childhood and now are always in the spotlight, but they have kept their beliefs the same throughout all the change in their lives and thats why I believe they will go far.

I recently saw them perform live and they both were really interactive with the crowd. I could tell they loved being on stage and seeing the people who support what they are doing. I think a lot of artists say they do it all for the fans, but I really believe the Jacks do as much as they can for their fans. Every time I am on Snapchat or Twitter or Facebook, I see photos from fans saying they were so happy that Jack Johnson or Jack Gilinsky took time out of their day to talk to them and take photos with them. Thats amazing that the Jacks know their priorities and are trying to stay focused on them and not letting all the negativity get to them.

And now here is…


1. They have been best friends since Kindergarten

2. Jack And Jack Have 4 Million Followers on Vine


3. They Wrote a Song That Made it to #7 on Hip Hop Charts

4. Their new EP Calibraksa was #1 on the itunes chart in the U.S. for more than 24hrs


5. They Created a Trending iPhone Game Called ‘Let it Goat’