May 22, 2024


Hundreds of screaming fans gathered at The Grove in Los Angeles on Tuesday for what was surely a memorable event for many of these “Jack and Jack” fan girls. The event, held at Barnes and Nobles, featured a meet and greet with artists Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson.


 Photo Source: Jack And Jack

To get a wristband for this meet and greet, fans had to purchase the artists’ new book: “You Don’t Know Jacks.” Sales of the book began at 9 am and would be signed by both artists before being returned to buyers upon arrival for the 7pm meet and greet. The wristbands were either bronze or blue. The bronze colored wristband meant you were a Barnes and Noble member, which allowed you to be one of the first 50 to meet the Jacks. The blue wristbands had letters on them. The letters given were the group of fans you would wait with in line. I got group B.


When I arrived for the meet and greet, I wore a boot for support on my sprained ankle, and to no surprise of mine, both Jacks took notice. They curiously asked me how it happened. I told them that I hurt it a few days ago while dancing, to which Jack J replied, “Couldn’t keep up with your feet huh?” At the conclusion of the meet and greet, I received a professional photo with both Jacks and was sent away with hugs from both and a newly signed copy of their great book, “You Don’t Know Jacks”. Jack J ended our meet and greet by saying, “Hope you enjoy the book babe.” He called me BABE!!!


The boys were both very sweet and a meet and greet is necessary if they visit your city! After the meet and greet, many fans waited in the parking garage in front of Jack Johnson’s car to see him one more time!

One word to describe today is AMAZING!