June 17, 2024

Funk/pop duo Fox Wilde have just released the video for their debut single “Soap“!

The video for the danceable tune highlights Fox Wilde’s knack for embracing rollicking live instrumentation with a gritty edge and an infectious groove. “Soap,” has already amassed over twenty six thousand streams on Spotify and is the first of much more to come from the band who is set for additional releases later this Spring.

Comprised of brothers Michael and Demitri Lerios, Fox Wilde have quickly become in-demand songwriters, composers, and producers. The brothers already have an impressive songwriting resume under their belt, having collaborated with Katy Perry’s producer Andreas Carlsson (Katy Perry) and Rebecca Black (“Friday”). They’ve also written music cues for TV shows and commercials featuring Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner. Additionally, Fox Wilde pinned the theme for the Netflix hit cartoon Mac and Moxy, as well as music for 48 Hours To Live, a film released in major theaters internationally starring James Maslow of Big Time Rush.