July 21, 2024


Louis Tomlinson sounds heartbroken over his recent split from his longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder, but he’s reportedly turning to his sister Lottie Tomlinson to help him cope! According to The Mirror, he really appreciates having family on tour with him because she’s been there to help him through this rough patch.

“Lottie has always been close to Louis, so it’s great for him to have her there while on the road. It’s been a tough time for him, and Lottie – who was also close to Eleanor – understands him better than anyone,” their source said.

It’s also been a good experience for his younger sister, beyond being their to support her bro.

“She’s an aspiring make-up artist, so she’s also been getting great experience on the tour with the band’s hairdresser, Lou Teasdale.”

We’re glad he’s surrounding himself with people who care about him, and that he’s keeping in good spirits. It’s a good thing his sister is there on his On the Road Again tour to support him!

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