April 20, 2024

Where We Are Concert Film Weekend

This weekend was a little bit epic to say the least! One Direction hit the big screen with their Where We Are Tour, and you guys supported them by heading to your local cinemas to watch.

What did you think? The guys really hope you enjoyed yourselves (and Louis highly recommends you change your pants more than he does).

Here’s a few of your pics from Twitter …

Don’t forget – if you want to re-live the tour, or the film, you can get your hands on the ‘Where We Are Live In San Siro’ DVD on the 1st December – out on pre-order now!http://smarturl.it/WhereWeAreDVD

Only a month left till their new album “FOUR” comes out! I can’t wait till they do a another tour for their new music! I will definitely be attending one of the concerts. It will be one of their bests Tours yet I can feel it!