April 15, 2024

Rachael’s mission is to inspire youth to discover their true potential through her positive and purpose driven music. “Daggers” is a song that will galvanize listeners to take action against adversity. The song details the importance of cyberbullying prevention and self-acceptance. She encourages listeners to embrace who and what they are when she sings, “Go on throw your daggers, I won’t be afraid no more.”

The Toronto based singer-songwriter is currently headlining a tour with the Canadian charity Live Different. Rachael will be interacting with 20,000+ high school students to promote her upcoming album Chasing Lights and “Daggers,” which Ground Sounds shared an exclusive listen of. “The song starts out with a mix of delicacy and intensity, with Rachael’s vocals grabbing you from the jump. Once you’ve hit the hook and her vocals really start to fly, you’ll be taken by the incredible talent and songwriting.

Rachael’s ambition to spread her message has led to newfound partnerships with major non-profit organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, Love Is Louder, and PACER (National Bullying Prevention Center). Earlier this year, Rachael participated in a mission on the continent of Africa with World Vision and donated all merchandise proceeds to the organization after her High School Nation tour.