April 17, 2024

Two days ago Taylor Swift released her new single, ” Out of the Woods”. Many of her fans and Harry Styles’ fans believe the song is about him. So many people are wondering how Harry feels about her new song. According to HollywoodLife, Harry has been extremely supportive. He has even been defending Taylor to all his friends.  all of Harry’s friends are making fun of Taylor over all the rumors about the song. They have been calling her names such as “Bunny Boiler” and “Cray Tay”.  Harry feels really bad about all this. He doesn’t want to be mean to her, he hates that he hurt her back when they were dating, so now he’s defending her. Even though Harry doesn’t seem to bothered about the new song, he did say it’s been awkward for him because he feels like he has to stick up for her. I can only imagine what he is feeling, since their relationship has been over for two years now. The good part about this all though is that Harry doesn’t mind the song.