July 25, 2024

Last night at 2 AM One Direction released a music video for their first single, Drag Me Down, of their fifth album. The video already has over 6 million views in less than 12hrs. Directioners everywhere are trying to get them a breaking record for most viewed music video in a 24 hr period, as well as the most viewed music video! I know we can do it because like Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis always say they wouldn’t be here without us. Directioners can change the world. 🙂

With all the drama surrounding Zayn right now, its great that its not affecting the guys. All of them try their hardest to not let all this stupid media stuff get to them and sometimes its hard. Thats why directioners try so hard to help them break records and win awards because they deserve it. They need to know the reaction they get on all of their music and shows comes from us loving them and loving their amazing talent. We will always stand by their side no matter what. <3